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Silicon Star Communication Technology Co,ltd was founded in 2005, and dedicate to Wireless LAN ,Wireless Senor Network and Various Wireless Communication and Video surveillance Technology for years, our business principle is Lead by Market, Based on Technology, With good and better products and service offer our customers.

We can offer following Product and solutions:

1. Wireless LAN, Wi-Fi Wireless Router, Access Point, Wireless adaptors with various  computer interface(such as mini-PCI,PCI-E,USB), Wi-Mesh self-organized products.

2. Embedded Wireless solutions, Wireless Data Transceiver modules, ISM band(315、433、475、868、915Mhz,2.4G),Wireless Sensor Networks,Zigbee Wireless Self Organized Network.

3. Smart Home solutions, Based Wireless Home gate way, various Household appliances and Wall Switches, Sensors connected to the device of “Home gate way”, Customers can visit the gateway anytime and everywhere via Internet, so that can know the scene of their home easily

4. Network Video Surveillance, High definition Network Camera H.264 MPEG4 encoder format, with algorithm of Moving Objects Tracing.

For More detailed information please visit related products and applications’ web page.


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